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4.8 rating
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Love it!!

5.0 rating

This pump is amazing!! I love that it is small so that I’m able to take it with me when I’ll be away from my baby and I wont have to worry about having to plug it in.
-Can be used either plugged into a power outlet or using batteries
-Great for taking with you when you’ll need to pump away from home (using AA batteries)
-The bag holds everything!
-The cooler bag and reusable ice pack keeps what you just pumped cold
-Easy to figure out how to use
-Easy to assemble and take apart to clean
-The cusioned flanges are great so you don’t have hard plastic pushing up against your breasts while pumping
-Phone app that syncs with the pump showing how long you pumped for that session
-Registering the pump to the app was easy by scanning the QR code
-App is easy to use and figure out for tracking pumping, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, diapers, and your babies growth
-Using the actual fill in the amount was easier to use than the slide bar for ounces pumped on each side
-Stoping the pump when your phone is linked to bluetooth with the app will update with the amount of time you just pumped for
-Switching to a single, or double, pump is very easy and quick to do
-Noise level:2-3, but does not disturb the baby or my husband and is not hard to tolerate
-No light/backlight – makes pumping at night harder without turning the lights on in the room you’re in, or using your phones flashlight to see
-The slide bar on the app when choosing how much you pumped on each side is very tiny
If you’re thinking about getting this pump, do it! You’ll be glad you did!! My lansinoh smartpump reviews

Tara C.

Clunky, but portable

4.0 rating

I’m currently using a Spectra S2 and pump 2-3 a day, so that’s what I’m comparing this pump to. I received this pump as part of a promotional offer. I like how small and portable this pump is and that is runs on batteries. It also comes with a bag and cooler that makes it easy to tote around. I also like the comfort flanges. I dislike how loud this pump is and the operation of the pump is clunky. The suction isn’t enough for me and feels very weak. There are also more parts to wash than the Spectra.


Best breastpump for a new mom

5.0 rating

I have reviews of lansinoh smartpump double electric breast pump. I love this machine. It made my breastfeeding experience a little easier. It’s small, lightweight and convenient for carry around. The Bluetooth feature is the best. It was easy to connect to my phone and after inputting my kids info tracking feedings become a breeze. It come with everything you would need starting out – two sets of flanges (cause everyone doesn’t have the same nipple size), bottles and stands, carrying bag, etc. Instructions are clear and easy to read and understand. It’s a quiet machine and was quite gentle even on the most powerful setting. There are lots and lots of options for pumping- single or double – and you dictate what you want and when. Easy setup. You do have to purchase batteries if you decide to take it on the road. I saw no difference in power between the plugin adapter and battery use. I have used 3 different brands and this is by far tops my list.

shavar thompson

Smart pump for the win!!

5.0 rating

I’m 6mo pp and had been using a different double electric pump.. I received this pump by winning a seeepstakes.. I didn’t have too many expectations however the first time I used it I cut my pump time in half!!. The different pump styles already programmed into the pump, made it super easy!. No thought on my part !!. I live that it tracks directly to my phone.. easy to keep up with my numbers!!.

Erin Renee'

What a relief!

5.0 rating

My son is 9 days old, I was using the BellaBaby electric pump and was barely getting an ounce TOTAL between both breasts. I used this pump for the first time today and got 2oz per breast! I’m unable to breastfeed due to my sons poor latch, so I plan on exclusively pumping and this pump is making that possible! This best lansinoh double electric breast pump


Good value

4.0 rating

I received this pump to try in exchange for my honest review.
This is the third double electric pump I have tried. Overall, I think it’s very effective and has some nice features, and seems to be a good value for the money.
Pros – closed system, comfortable flanges, very light/portable, efficient (quick output and comparable with my hospital grade pump), easy to use adjustable pump settings
Cons – louder than the other pumps I’ve used
I have not tried the battery feature or app.


Am I rating a breast pump? Yes I am!

5.0 rating

I have a spectra s2 and forgot half the stuff on a work trip so had to buy this in a pinch. So happy I did. So much more portable and uses batteries so I can pump more freely. The power is comparable to my S2 and seems to be just as efficient. Came with tons of extra parts so I don’t have to wash the bottles immediately after or can just store in the bottles at work instead of using bags etc in an office. Awesome overall, this my lansinoh electric breast pump review 🙂

Ashley Russell

Smartest Breast Pump Ever!!!!

5.0 rating

This pump truly is SMART! The app is super simple to use. I love all of the tracking it does for me! The app is even great for moms who aren’t yet pumping regularly.
You can use this pump anywhere, even on the go. This is perfect for busy moms! The flanges are really comfortable. This set in particular even comes with a bag. I would absolutely recommend this pump to a friend!


Great Pump

5.0 rating

The suction on this pump is awesome and got more from me than Medela and Spectra. Super small and compact with the option of being wireless with battery space. The one downfall is, it’s kind of loud, but the sound is tolerable. Comes with tons of accessories to travel and never run out of parts you need including bottles, separate parts, and a cooler with reusable ice pack. 🙂


Pump directly into storage bags

5.0 rating

This pump is rather quiet, i had seen and used other brands and they are much louder. The box comes with everything that you need for a pumping session, except the bra. Ideal for a first time mom, like myself. Parts and assembly are almost self explanatory. I loved that you can directly pump into the storage bags without additional attachments. Parts are easy to dissemble and wash thoroughly, i think suction is acceptable, i didn’t find it lacking power. I haven’t yet use the app tracker.


Awesome pump

5.0 rating

I originally had a Spectra S1 that’s was using for pumping purposes, but I decided to upgrade to this Lansinoh pump. Let me just say, I like the Lansinoh much better! The fact that it’s portable and is compatible with an app that I can track sessions with is amazing. Definitely a great pump, 10/10 would recommend!


Quality solid pump, should last more for more than one baby.

4.0 rating

Noisy to me and the suction seems average sometimes. I sometimes have milk left but that maybe normal this is my only child and only electric pump.
Cleaning it always a task to me but necessary after every pumping.
The kit come with most everything but buying the regular pump without all the trimmings should be fine.


Great pump and value

5.0 rating

This is a strong little pump that comes with a lot for the price. I have tried out several types of pumps and usually prefer the spectra. I was surprised at how this pumped performed! I haven’t used the app because I didn’t care to track how long I pumped (if it could automatically calculate the amount of milk I pumped, I definitely would use it). I think it’s a close second to my spectra and is above the Ameda finesse and the Freemie independence. I love that it came with a cooler and bag and that you have the option to pump directly into Lansinoh bags if you choose (I love the bags for freezing because they go really flat when not overfilled).
Pros: closed system, easy to put together and take apart to clean, sturdy parts, strong variable speed and strength suction
Cons: louder than spectra, let down mode works, but I didn’t like it as much as I like the spectra one.


Suction’s not great

5.0 rating

The pump comes with everything you need to pump right away, which I liked, but I don’t think the suction is strong enough on the pump. I also have a Medela PISA and the suction is much stronger on that. With the Smartpump I had to have it at maximum suction for it to work well. It comes with 2 flange sizes, which I thought was great because I didn’t need to worry about the flange being too big or small. It’s pretty lightweight so it’s easy to travel with. For how small it is, it’s relatively loud. The app is a nice feature if you want to keep track of pumping sessions and amount. There were features I liked, but suction is the most important to me so I couldn’t rate it higher than 3 stars based on that.

Chelsea Clark

Love it!!

5.0 rating

As a working mom who still wanted to breastfeed my baby, it was important to me to have an efficient pump that would work everyday, multiple times a day as needed. I started using my double electric pump back in April and have loved it since!!! It’s easy to use, has different suction options to try and best match your baby’s feeding technique, and and it’s very easy to care for. However, a few weeks ago the suction started to decline because of a faulty piece. I contacted Lansinoh directly through their website with my issue, and they sent me replacement parts free of charge WITH free two-day shipping. WOW. Hands down the best customer service experience I have ever received. Overall this is such a great company with quality products and customer care. If you’re debating between Lansinoh and another brand…. give this one a try, you won’t be disappointed!


Best pump!

5.0 rating

Received this pump as a trial and am in love. On my 3rd baby, and have used medela PIS with others- it’s what Insuranse provides. The difference is amazing. I get so much more per pump, without feeling like my nipples are being ripped off. Easy to clean and love that it interpreted with my phone. Baby even uses bottles provided- he’s refused most so this is a huge plus… will recommend to all moms!


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