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I love it. Pros

5.0 rating

I needed a hospital grade electric breast pump after my previous pump , medela pump & style, supplied by my insurance company didn’t seem to have a strong suction anymore. I purchased this pump after reading the positive reviews.
I love it.
Pros: size, various suction options, and my favorite is the nightlight.
Cons: over a short time the tubing disconnects from the back flow protector and the wide neck bottles that come with the pump seem to topple over easy. I ordered different wide neck bottles from Amazon which I like better because they’re more stable.


Best decision I ever made is to buy this pump!

5.0 rating

This is an extremely important piece of equipment for me, I exclusively pump since my daughter is in the NICU and receives her milk through a tube. I have to rely on my pump to provide my baby with milk, so if it’s not reliable, I would be very honest. I did a crazy of research picking a pump, and I was not disappointed!
Things I love:
1. This is so easy to use. The digital controls make it extremely simple to chose a comfortable suction level. The timer helps me keep track of how long I’m pumping. The light is very useful at nighttime, I don’t have to wake my husband with my lamp. I used a Medela Symphony in the hospital for 3 days after birth, and was way more impressed with my Spectra as far as ease goes.
2. The suction power is amazing. I don’t go past 5 out of 10, and I don’t need to. It is more comfortable and I don’t feel pinching or pain like I would sometimes with the Symphony.
3. The parts are 10 times easier to wash than Medela parts. This is big for me as I pump about 8 times a day.
4. Very easy to pack up and travel. I carry it back and forth to the hospital every day. It is lightweight and fits in my pump bag with tons of room to spare.
5. Has a letdown phase feature that is very easy to use. It started out in letdown mode, then you just press the expression button and it changes over. It saves your settings from the last session, so you don’t have to reset it each time.
6. Closed system. This is why I ended up choosing this over Medela PISA. The backflow protectors prevent any milk or moisture from getting into the tubing and eventually motor. It was important to me to be as sanitary as possible.
Things I don’t love:
1. Parts are hard to find if you want multiples and back ups. Not sold at stores like Medela or Lansinoh.
2. Needs an adapter to use Medela, Avent, or Dr Brown’s bottles. I don’t love the Spectra bottles that come with it. I found some online for cheap, and use them to pump into Medela bottles. Works well.
3. A little noisy, but what pump isn’t?
Love, love, love it. Seriously. Take a leap and try something other than Medela.

Sarah Wilbourn

Recommended by A Second-Time Breastfeeding/Working Mom

5.0 rating

This pump was a game changer and I’m so happy I purchased it. I used the Medela Pump in Style with my first baby for about 9 months. With my second, I used the Medela again for about 4 1/2 months and then got this pump. This pump was much more comfortable and quiet which made pumping more tolerable, helped me pump for longer sessions and get more output. The timer was a great feature for helping me make sure I was pumping for long enough. I love being able to adjust the speed and suction separately. You just can’t beat the whisper quiet settings! My other pump sounded like a fog-horn and was so embarrassing. The only thing I don’t like is that I don’t like that the shield is all one with the other part. I can get milk on my outfits while trying to take it off at work because of the design and how you need to take it off the hands-free bra.


Perfect, Awesome and Uncomplicated Pump. 5 stars *****

5.0 rating

This pump could change a mother’s life forever. It is the most awesome, uncomplicated and a no-nonsense pump for mothers busy expressing milk. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat if i had to for the next one. It barely makes any noise. The parts are so easy to assemble. I have never faced any technical difficulties at all inspite of using it extensively for 6 long months. I have travelled with it a lot on long trips without any hassle. Durability is excellent. I also have the Medela Freestyle pump. Sorry but i would choose spectra over Medela at any given point. The one that i have needs electric socket, its not chargeable. But i was pumping at.home, hence, i didn’t have a prob with it not being battery-operated.

Ruchi M

I Wish I Had Bought the S1 and Here's Why

5.0 rating

I purchased the S2 with my first baby and loved it so this pregnancy I decided to purchase a second one to keep at work so I’m don’t have to worry about forgetting any pump parts. I debated between if I should spend the extra $50 for the cordless option and decided not to since the cord wasn’t much of an inconvenience last time. Well, I failed to consider the fact that I now have a toddler running around who likes to unplug my pump mid pump session… not great. I wish I could go back and buy the cordless S1 for home and use my corded S2 for work.


No more nipple pain

4.0 rating

My wife is quite happy with the Spectra having felt pain with the other machine we had. It did take some time getting the settings right for her, which at first got us concerned that it wasn’t going to work (she wasn’t expressing!) The trick was the massage button: she does it for 1 minute and then switches to expressing (it’s a button you press that makes the switch). No more nipple pain!

Rabih M. El-Khoury

Gets the job done.

4.0 rating

This pump is affordable. I heard so many raving about it, i personally think its average. It gets the job done. The vibration can get annoying pumping at night. I pump 8-10 times daily as my daughter is in the NICU. I get about 3 ounces total when i use my spectra at home. At the hospital with the symphony i get like 6. The pump is light but too big to really tote around everywhere in my opinion. And i thought when i ordered it this was the rechargable one. Its NOT lol-that is my fault for getting the S1 and S2 mixed up, but i wish i hadnt since im always on the go traveling an hour to see my preemie daily. I do like this pump though. I think its durable and its worked well with how often i do need to pump.

Sarah Healy

It is increasing my milk

5.0 rating

I feel so thankful that for not listening my husband and bought it by myself! It is extremely increasing my milk! However you have to know what size your nipple should be use since it have 24 and 28, if you not place yours on the center and use wrong size, your nipple will be get hurt and not gettting milk that you should have!

lizzie. Sn

Good quality for the price.

4.0 rating

I like this pump a lot. Has lots of settings to help get the milk flowing and out. Only draw back is the lack of different size flanges. It comes with 24 mm and 28 mm but the company doesn’t make 21 mm so you can’t buy them unless they are from another manufacturer. I liked the bottles and sturdy nipples that come with it but it’s hard to find replacement nipppes and it would be nice to have more bottles to pump into. Additional bottles are available but pricey. I have plastic wide mouth Avent bottles that do fit. They don’t fit tight but work well enough as spares.

christina z

Great Pump

5.0 rating

I bought the Spectra after reading reviews and comparing it to the Medela PISA. My insurance didn’t cover the full cost of a breast pump so I went with this one as it was well reviewed and far more affordable.
I didn’t expect to use my pump terribly frequently since I work part time but like many things involving babies my plans and reality weren’t the same. Due to a medical condition my daughter cannot breastfeed so pumping is the only way to give her breast milk. Exclusive pumping requires around 6 pumping sessions a day and I’m so glad that I have the Spectra for that.
Compared to the Medela Symphony that I used in hospital the Spectra is very gentle and quiet. That may not be terribly important if you pump infrequently but it’s a life saver when pumping around the clock. At 4am the last thing you want to deal with is a noisy pump. Despite pumping multiple times a day every day for the last two months I have not experienced significant nipple pain although I do recommend keeping the vacuum setting fairly low. I realized early on that it’s better to use a lower setting than to cause myself pain.
On the practical side the Spectra is simple to use and clean. With a cheap set of little brushes bought in the baby feeding section of my local big box store I’m able to get into every part of the flanges and feel that I am getting a good clean. I love that it is a closed system and I don’t need to worry about milk getting into the motor.
Overall, after using this pump half a dozen times a day for the last two months I can heartily recommend it. My only complaint is that it has to be plugged in. If I had known ahead of time that I would be exclusively pumping I would have gotten the S1 with the option to be battery operated so that is something that you may want to keep in mind.


The Cadillac of

5.0 rating

It’s like the Cadillac of breast pumps. I chose the Medela Pump In Style Advanced at the hospital. When I realized I needed a second pump so I didn’t have to lug one to work everyday, I bought the Spectra. Oh my goodness, it’s so quiet, very comfortable and has so many features that the Medela doesn’t have.
First of all, it’s so quiet. Secondly, the nightlight is amazing! It’s also much easier to clean than the Medela. Most importantly, it’s so efficient. The number of settings really allow you to customize the vacuum strength and length of suction.


More milk, less pain

5.0 rating

Based on my first week of using this pump, it is epic… amazing… a game changer. This morning after feeding my baby, I pumped another 4+ oz (I usually only get 2oz with the PISA) It wasn’t painful, noisy, or time consuming, unlike the PISA which was provided by my insurance. I paid out of pocket for this one after the advice of an IBCLC and reading all the reviews.
The timer and light were unexpected, handy bonuses!
They must have changed the bottles since some of the previous reviews bc the measurements are part of the plastic, not able to rub off.
I did get the medela adapters but I haven’t used them yet. I will say that the duckbill valves are not ideal. They are hard to take off when cleaning and I think I’ll end up ripping the delicate end of the duckbill at some point. The medela valves+membranes fit and will be a good substitute.
The port cover that converts it from single to double pump was a little hard to take off. It seems to be made out of the same duckbill valve material. I will be exploring other port cover options.
So far, I couldn’t be happier with the performance of this pump. I feel like it does more than the PISA without the same effort. If I change my mind, I’ll let you know.

Shye Marshall

The only breast pump you will ever need.

5.0 rating

As a first time dad, I spent hours researching which types of breast pumps were out there, reading endless reviews and searching through various websites. Stumbled upon this by chance and seemed to be the best option for what I was looking for. The universal type plug/adapter and “closed” system is what sold me on this product. As well as the fact that it was double sided.
Let me tell you, this is a lifesaver. Not only can you adjust settings, it has a light to be used in the dark, when you’re stumbling around at 3 AM trying to help your wife get all the stuff together. It’s super easy to use, not that noisy and clean up is a breeze. The closed system means the milk doesn’t go into the tubes at all, the milk just gets pumped directly into the storage containers (which we purchased extra of later).
This is super highly recommended and I could sit here for much longer writing about how great this product is. Amazing, would purchase again – but I don’t think I ever have to.



5.0 rating

I wasn’t going back to work, so I didn’t think a pump was a must for me. I got an $80 Lansinoh that is as loud as a dually and just about tears my nips off— i mean literally bruises them after just a couple days of use.
After my babe started sleeping through the night, my supply plummeted. In the past 3 weeks, i’ve tried oatmeal, brewer’s yeast, gatorade, water, almonds, Upspring fenugreek/milk thistle, Mother’s Milk tea, and now finally am on Reglan. All this paired with pumping every 2 hours to encourage more milk left me desperate for a better pump AND THE SPECTRA S2 is IT.
It’s top rated on BabyGearLab and is no joke so gentle but so powerful. At just $150, this is a steal. I tried my hospital’s Medela Symphony ($2k!) and this seems comparable.
It’s easy to use and definitely feels more realistic in regards to suckling instead of sucking.
I have BCBS of Alabama (silver) and they covered this pump at no cost.


Decent pump

3.0 rating

My wife switched from Medela to this brand. Good pump, works well. If switching from Medela to this one, Maymom Flange Adapter for the Spectra are needed so you don’t have to buy any new equipment which I thought was a good option since I did not want to spend any extra money. Only issue we have had is the clear rubber lines don’t seem to stay attached to the end that you put on the bottles. For the last couple weeks she has had to hold the line on to keep the suction.

J. J.

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